The fishing line is so simple that the owners of fishing gear shops are afraid


Fishing line is a very important part of fishing gear. Do you know how to choose fishing line? If the choice is not appropriate, it is easy to cause the phenomenon that the fish do not eat or run off the hook. Now let's share some tips for choosing fishing line.

What is the standard of a good line? First of all, repeat some commonly accepted standards:

Main line: high nodule strength, good water cutting ability, softness and low elongation are the most important four criteria.

Subline: high strength, softness, anti crimp and stability of nodules are the most important four criteria.

Jigan, HaiGan, Luya thread: high nodule strength, good water cutting property, moderate softness (too soft thread must be at the expense of wear resistance), wear resistance, low elongation, etc.

When you know the standard of good line, don't think you know how to choose the line. When you walk into the fishing gear store, you will be silly. Almost all the lines are written in this way, or you can't understand them. They are all in Japanese. I really don't understand them. It's clearly a domestic brand line. If you have to print it, you will write your products as unique in the world. How can you choose it?

Now, most fishing gear stores offer free hook binding service. Instead of taking away the main line and sub line of many fishermen, they put it in the fishing gear store. When necessary, let the fishing gear store tie it up and then come back to pick it up. You ask the boss to take a look at the line that fishermen put there. It mainly depends on what brand of line they use most. I believe you can't make a wrong choice, This is one of them; Second, you have to see if the owner of the fishing gear shop is fishing. If he doesn't fish, he recommends fishing line to you and suggests that you don't buy it. It's mostly his most profitable line. If he also wants to fish, you can see what line he uses and then buy the line of that brand. Generally, you won't buy the wrong line by these two methods.

1. Over standard problems

Now there is a very important problem with the lines on the market, that is, they generally exceed the standard. Maybe many friends who just fished don't know this. I can tell you a data. 70% of the lines have the phenomenon of exceeding the standard. Generally speaking, the lines of regular big brands don't have this problem, but now there are too many brands, and the phenomenon of exceeding the standard is really very serious.

Why is there a superscript? In fact, it's very simple. What many people value most when they buy thread is the pull value. In order to cater to everyone's psychology, small manufacturers package large-sized thread into small-sized thread. For example, the package clearly says 0.6 thread, and the result may be 0.8 or 1.0 thread. Naturally, the thread is relatively strong. The most outrageous thing they have seen is the line marked as 0.8, but the measured diameter is 2.0. This line is generally poor quality line, because the tension value is not up to standard, so only increase the line diameter. This kind of line is not easy to use. If you are a novice and can't walk the fish, when you meet a big fish, you will greatly increase the probability of breaking the rod. What I don't know is that there is a quality problem with the fishing rod. Therefore, when buying a line, the boss must promise to return it if it is over standard.

2. The importance of knot and hook

Bought a good fishing line, but the knot and hook problems can not be ignored. If these two problems can't be handled properly, no matter how good the line is, it won't work. There are many ways to connect the sub line with the 8-shaped ring, which you can learn. This is very important. Different knot methods will make the nodule strength of the fishing line have different performance. If you tie the hook well, it is best to tie the hook by hand. If you can't do it yourself, you can ask the fishing gear shop to do it on your behalf, but you must do it well, otherwise the hook will often fall off and the line will be broken. You can also use the hook binding device to bind the hook, but if the hook binding device is not operated well, it will damage the line and affect the nodule strength of the line.

3. The problem of technique

Some fishermen lift the rod very heavily and pull the rod so loud that they may often encounter the phenomenon of breaking the line or rolling the line. In addition to the line factor, this situation is the problem of technique. How can it be improved? There is a small method, that is, when lifting the pole, first lift the wrist, and then lift the arm, which will greatly improve. Of course, this still needs to be practiced slowly. If it can't be changed, you can choose a better anti crimp line and lengthen the length of the sub line, which will generally improve a lot.

Although it seems a bit complicated, in fact, the choice of fishing line is also a problem worthy of study. However, everything changes. We should choose the most suitable fishing line according to our own actual situation, and only through practice can we know whether it is good or bad.


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